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Presenting ballet in New England since 1982
Important Information
regarding Dance Prism performances this season
August 2021 to June 2022.

Dance Prism is excited to return to live performances in the late summer of 2021. All events through the fall will be conducted in recognition of then-current federal, state, and sometimes local guidelines for the health and safety of our dancers, staff, and patrons, As we perform in a variety of theaters and locales, those may vary slightly from venue to venue, and certainly may evolve over time.

What Cast, Staff/Volunteers, and Patrons Can Expect in the New Season
It should be recognized that some or perhaps all of our theaters will require proof of vaccination from all those entering the building, cast, crew, staff, volunteers, and audience members. It is not clear yet which may respect exemptions with proof of negative recent test results, which is the policy of a consortium of major Boston area theaters and organizations. Most or all will expect audience members to be masked. With that in mind, Dance Prism may require proof of vaccination / negative recent test results to be submitted by those accepted to the cast and any staff / volunteers who work with them during the rehearsal period and/or prior to performances. In parallel, we will remind prospective audience members of those conditions.

For Our Audience Members
House conditions and seating modification will vary somewhat by theater, but we will always endeavor to provide a safey distanced environment based on current guidance. As the implications of the virus may well   remain unpredictable, we will be even more flexible than usual regarding individual ticket and group sales, offering unlimited ticket exchanges and modifiable seating arrangements to the exent that the venue permits.

For Dance Prism Personnel Specifically
At this point we expect that all rehearsals will continue to be masked and touched surfaces sanitized as they have been for more than 20 months, a two week midsummer burst of optimism excluded. We cannot now foresee conditions in November and December sufficiently to predict whether masking will extend to performances; it may, at least for certain roles. At this point we expect all those in backstage areas to maintain masking. We are working with theaters to secure expanded space backstage, and will do the best possible to provide separation, but we cannot guarantee full social distancing during performance days.

What Dance Prism Has Been Doing Since March of 2020
Dance Prism made the sad but necessary decision to cancel the remainder of its spring 2020 season and the entirety of the 2020-2021 live season because of the intensity of the Covid epidemic and the closure of theaters. In the summers of 2020 and 2021 the annual Kaleidoscope program has been converted to an exciting new virtual event; further, during the 2020- 2021 season, in lieu of the projected new fall and spring ballets and live performances of The Nutcracker, Dance Prism offered three video presentations of excerpts from some of our favorite ballets, including recent performances of The Nutcracker of course, as well as new works designed for the occasion. This fall we will be bypassing a traditional October production in order to prepare our 39th Season of The Nutcracker thoroughly after a nearly two year hiatus. 
We wish kindness, resilience, and good health to all our friends and supporters in this difficult time,
and we look forward to dancing with and for you in these coming months.

For more information, please email danceprisminformation@gmail.com.
A Tea Party with Alice in Wonderland
Nutcracker Auditions
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