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For young dancers (and their families)—
Questions You May Have about Auditioning for Dance Prism’s Nutcracker

Q: What is Dance Prism?
Dance Prism is a professional ballet company, not affiliated with any school. Since 1982 it has presented family friendly performances of ballets such as The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and A Tea Party with Alice in Wonderland in cities throughout New England.
Q: Who can audition?
Any dancer with ballet training, age 7 through adult professional, may audition. However adult dancers are accepted for Touring Cast only.
Q: What is the rehearsal time commitment?
For dancers in a Regional Cast, typically one hour per role per week on a weekday afternoon or evening or saturday, depending on cast location, for approximately six weeks. For dancers in the Touring Cast, typically one to two hours per role per week on a weekend for approximately eight weeks. Most young dancers have one role with rehearsals on Saturdays.
Q: What are the various audition dates?
Touring cast Auditions are conducted at Dance Prism’s Concord MA Studio in September, usually on the first Sunday after Labor Day.
Regional cast auditions are generally offered in Littleton, Andover, Grafton, Worcester, Needham, Wayland, Natick, and Fall River/New Bedford later in September. See Dance Prism's Audition Flyer or website (https://www.danceprism.com/DancePrism_Auditions.htm) for specific times and locations. You may audition for the touring cast or any regional cast at any location, but if you are seriously interested in being considered for the Touring Cast, we strongly encourage you to audition in Concord.
Q: What is the Nutcracker Touring Cast?
The Touring Cast appears in all of the company’s Nutcracker Season performances, usually between ten and fifteen performances on weekends in November and December.Touring cast dancers are also eligible to be selected for roles in other Dance Prism productions of the current season, should there be a need for younger dancers or a larger corps.
Q: What is a Regional Cast? and why does it exist?
In order to provide a broader range of aspiring young dancers the opportunity to perform in a professional setting, Dance Prism rehearses regional casts for selected Nutcracker roles in several of its performance localities each season. Regional cast dancers appear in the Company’s performances in one city and rehearse once per week in that area for about six weeks.
Q: Do I need to audition more than once to be considered for either the Touring Cast or a Regional Cast?
No. One audition is sufficient. You may indicate on your registration form your willingness to be considered for any combination of casts. Placement in the Touring Cast is significantly more competitive than it is for regional casts.
Q: For what roles in the upcoming ballets I can audition?
In most ballet companies, one doesn’t audition for a specific role. Company personnel observe each audition and then cast the ballet in the way that will result in the best production. There are many roles in The Nutcracker; roles available to dancers in the regional cast are more limited, however.
Q: Do you hold auditions for other performances during the year?
No. For ballets that require a cast beyond the professional company and its apprentices, Dance Prism selects appropriate dancers from the previous Nutcracker Touring Cast.
Q: What’s a typical year like for dance/production opportunities with Prism?
In most years the company mounts three major productions, one in October/November, The Nutcracker in November/December, and one in March/April. School performances and other smaller events transpire through the year. Additionally, the company presents an informal Workshop performance of traditional and original works in June.
Q: Are there any fees? And if not, why not?
No. Dance Prism has never charged a performance or an audition fee to any dancer.  Dance Prism makes every reasonable effort to treat young dancers in its cast as if they were fully part of the professional company. It does  not wish  to make a profit from the families of young dancers as a condition of their presence, though it will gladly accept donations from any source. Additionally, the Touring Cast especially requires serious work from its young dancers and serious commitment from them and their families. That is enough.
Q: What are the costume requirements? Do I have to buy a costume?
Absolutely not! All costuming is the property of the company. Dancers are only asked to supply (or obtain through the company) tights and dance shoes of the style and color stipulated for each role.shoes of the style and color stipulated for each role.
Q: Will all dancers who audition be notified whether they are accepted or not?.
Yes, all dancers will be notified by email, though not all at the same time. Those who audition in Concord will receive early notification if they are accepted, but role casting will not be final until after the last regional audition.
Q: Can Dance Prism come to my school (or library)?
Possibly. If you think your school would enjoy a Dance Prism performance, workshop, or lecture demonstration, ask your teachers or principal if the school or PTO has a person who coordinates such events and then present the idea to him or her.
Q: Why should I think about auditioning for Dance Prism’s Nutcracker?
First, because it’s a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to perform in a professional ballet with beautiful costumes and scenery. You will learn things that will make you a better dancer in your own studio. You will make new friends that share your interest in dance. You will always be treated with respect and kindness, but you will be expected to work hard and present your very best to the audience at each performance.

For more information, email danceprisminformation@gmail.com
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