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Presenting ballet in New England since 1982
Dance Prism honors, on Patriot's Day and beyond,
the heritage of its Concord/Lexington home
and the artistic and philosophical legacy
of those who gathered on April 19th, 1775
to defend their independence,
and who made possible, however unwittingly,
the many facets of the arts we now think of as American.
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Enjoy the intersection of Old Glory’s jaunty red, white, and blue with Prism’s classical ballet repertoire.
Dance along with us to the joyful sounds of the American soundtrack and the composers who created it.
And recall with us a few of the landmark moments of the American past —
             starting with the extraordinary 24 hours in 1775 that launched a revolution and shaped our world.

To see program info & cast for Red White & Ballet!, click.
Videos will be available through this site for a limited time
for those not able to join in on April 18.
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Please, if you can, contribute to Prism’s vital GoFundMe effort,
a crucially important initiative to secure the future of our beloved studio
during the now seemingly endless absence of our performance income.
We are infinitely grateful to those who responded so generously to our initial request.
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Nutcracker Auditions
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A star-spangled evening celebrating
   * emblematic American flag colors,
        * American music and composers,
            * & landmark eras in America’s past.

Free to Dance Prism friends and patrons. Premiere Sunday, April 18, 6:00 pm.
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RWB photo Pineapple Rag.jpeg